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Business Head. Deals with all our operations and Public relations. He is a complete balance of experience and Knowledge and is clearly the back-bone of our growing business. Besides this he is also a renowned event manager.


A complete combination of beauty and talent. Her dance moves and her oh so confident personality will get your eyes glued to her. Besides being a professional Dancer and Instructor in most styles, her unique specialty of dancing on heels will make you fall in love with her even more. Khushbu also assist on the back end of the company's workings.


A professional dancer and Choreographer for over a decade. His swift dancing moves and cracking sense of musicality will gather all your attention. Kyle worked as a senior instructor for Shiamak's Dance institute and performed all around the globe with top Indian and international celebs. He clearly gets in his experience and positive decision making quality for the good of this company. Besides this Kyle leads all the marketing aspects of the company


Worked as a senior instructor for Shiamak Davars institute for nearly 12 years. The energy that he gets out while performing will get you pumped while watching him. Grace,timing and energy makes him unique from all the other dancers in the city. Harsh brings in all these experience to the company and now choreographs top celebs from Bollywood and is shooting up to fame quickly.


A professional dancer, teacher and a superstar from Aurangabad City . Abhishek started training at the Shiamak Davar institute and soon after completing his educational programme in dancing he bought his skills and talent to the company. His smooth and flowing dance moves will make you fall in love with him. His versatility in dancing has got him huge fame in the city and at the age of 20 he now has over 10 million audience looking upto him on social media! He manages all the workings of the company in Aurangabad.


Say hi to BEAT BOY our mascot! Who replicates the young ,bold,fresh and stylish personality of the Company. and don't miss the transistor in the hand which proves that the company is all about dance and music and yes we carry our vibe wherever we go.




Meet Radhika, MBDC’s new addition in the Business department. She is young, vibrant, creative and a woman of positive force! Our young Business Development Executive comes with an experience of over 5 years in Online Reputation Management and Client Servicing also, along with a will to take the company to greater heights.

Fresh From The Stage

Team MBDC is a group of artists, who passionately try to explore all possibilities. We question, listen, dig, understand and execute, with precision and Spark.